WE’RE DRIFTING AT WTAC: But first we need to practice!

After a somewhat stressful couple of weeks Team Red Stage has made it into the world Time Attack Team Drift Challenge! Joining Team Red Stage will be 3 Fingers Neat Blaze Unit (including the famous ‘Jabbit’), Sydney’s own Driftmob and Team Slide N Destroy from Victoria featuring ‘Driftcat’ Catherine Colerio. In addition to a bunch of known drivers the other teams are also using some very impressive machinery, including a twin turbo LS1 commodore, a 2JZ Silvia and a plethora of fully built SR20 S-chassis’s. Team Red Stage does have one ace up it’s sleeves though!

While the TRS cars will be lucky to crack 180RWKW (and only one of the three even has an engine atm) we are hoping that by driving like a real team we will be able to put on a good show. And what better way to practice driving as a team then by doing it for 2 weeks at the worlds best Drift venue, Ebisu Circuit! This isn’t the first time the three of us have driven together at Ebisu, you might remember this video from last years trip. This time however we’ll all be driving S chassis’s with similar power levels but more on that soon! With only 4 weeks until we leave Australia I still have a lot of things left to organise!

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