In the last post I mentioned that during our trip to Japan we would all be driving S chassis’s this time round. At the end of last years summer matsuri I decided to sell my R33 as it was getting too worn out and unreliable. The R33 was defiantly a great car to learn to drift in, and until it decided to keep blowing turbo’s it was very reliable. On the other hand though I felt that the torque and lowdown power of the RB25 made it too easy to drive, especially compared to my stock boost RB20 in Australia. After toying with the idea of getting an RB25 swapped Cefiro or Laurel I decided that I’d learn more from a silvia and so the hunt began for a suitable car!

Despite wanting something that would make me a better driver I didn’t want a car with stock power as I want to be able to have fun on the high speed courses and hopefully do quicker entries on north course than the R33 was capable of doing. I also wanted to get an S14 as I knew it would be 5 stud and there typically better looked after than the majority of 180sx’s that come up for sale. When this black S14 popped up for sale I knew it would be almost perfect for me.

1993 S14 Zenki
S15 Turbo
Aftermarket Cams (HKS 264?)
Remapped ROM (Agent K Tune)
RX7 FD 550cc Injectors
Metal Head Gasket
Aftermarket Rear Spoiler
Side Skirts
Front Aero Bumper
Aftermarket Exhaust System
Nismo 2 Way LSD
MF-R Full Tap Coilovers
Rack Spacers
Front Pilo Tension Rods
Aftermarket Turbo Outlet
Aftermarket Front Pipe
Aftermarket Clutch Disc
Front wheel Spacers
Aftermarket Front Pads
16” alloys (Rear)
16” Front GTR Alloys
S15 Passenger Seat
Drivers Full Bucket Seat
AVO boost Gauge
HKS EVC 4 (Boost 0.9)
Front Strut Brace
2 Layer Rad
Metal Suction Pipe
Trust Air Cleaner
Aftermarket Front Mounted Intercooler
Nardi Steering Wheel


The only problem with the car was it didn’t come with aftermarket injectors or fuel pump. I’ll be bringing an aftermarket pump over with me and fitting that but the stock injectors mean I’ll have to keep the boost at 0.85 bar in order to be reliable. I’m still hoping that the car will be quite fast but that will depend on the quality of the tune. I’ll also be fitting an aftermarket Tomei oil pan which will hopefully prevent any oil starvation issues and help to keep the oil temperature slightly lower.


I’ll also be swapping the 16 inch wheels for 17’s so that I can use 215 tyres. There is now an Up Garage in Nihonmatsu so I may even be able to pick up some cheap skid wheels there along with some other small upgrades. Below is a video the car being tested by Powervehicles, however in the video it is running 1 bar boost rather than 0.85.

Only 3 weeks to go!

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